More than related - We're family - COME JOIN US -

If you do not already have a CFA Registration Form for Membership on file with our organization, we would appreciate your participation:

  1. Click on the following link (CFA Registration Form for Membership - 2020.pdf); it will open a PDF in another browser window.  
  2. Save a copy to your computer by clicking the small download icon to the right of the print icon (upper right of the browser); then, choose the "Save" button, and select a download location on your computer.  If you are not given a chance to choose a download location, open File Explorer on your computer; the "Downloads" folder should be near the top of the list.
  3. Print out the PDF form you have saved to your computer and fill it out as completely as possible.  
    • Enter "unknown" where necessary; entries can be updated after further research.
    • When possible, under "Proofs" identify the source of your information [Ex:  WWII Draft card for John Smith, Smithfield, KY; Headstone of Abraham Michaux, Michaux Cemetery, Michaux, VA].  This will help genealogists and future generations feel confident about verifying the data.
  4. Return the completed form: