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  • The homepage for the village of Long Melford
  • If you are expecting to travel in Suffolk or East Anglia, you might want to check out the Suffolk County Council's Homepage.
  • Lander's Bookshop on Hall Street in Long Melford is a rich source of books and maps on the area.
  • Visit the homepage for St. Peter's Parish. Here, our ancestors attended church and the first President of the United States, George Washington, married Martha (Dandridge) Custis.
  • The Cloptons have a 300-year history with Kentwell Hall in Long Melford, Suffolk.
  • Sir Robert "Furfan" de Ros, Knt, of Yorkshire held Helmsley Castle, married Princess Isabel Dunkeld, natural daughter or King William "the Lion" of Scotland, and is our link to Clan Rose and Kilravock Castle.

Clopton Genealogy

The following links have some genealogical information relating to the Clopton Family. For some this is only one individual who provides a connection to another family while a few have extensive Clopton genealogy or information on relatives.

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