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For the modest dues of $15 a year, The Clopton Family Association facilitates reunions, sends you updates through newsletters (published in October and May) and other mailings, and promotes preservation of historic sites and genealogical research. In the newsletter you will read interesting information on the Cloptons and related families, historic sites, items of historical and genealogical note, and updates on members of all generations.

Please submit relevant articles and photos to our Newsletter Editor, Joyce Chiles-Hines, at

If you are renewing your membership:
  1. Pay annual dues to continue receiving our newsletter and invitations to upcoming reunions.  You may pay online or mail a $15 check payable to "CFA" to our Secretary/Treasure along with your current contact information.  The address is on our CFA Registration Form, or you can request the address at
  2. If you already have a CFA Registration Form for Membership on file, please do not resubmit a new form except to expand or correct information previously submitted (see U.S.Cloptons and U.K. Cloptons).  
New members / members who have not submitted a membership form:
  1. If you are a Clopton descendant and have not submitted information about your lineage, we would appreciate you doing so today.  Please download the CFA Registration Form , fill it out as completely as possible to identify your connection to the Cloptons, and return the form by mail (address is on the form), scan and upload it here, or email a completed copy to  (If you have trouble, detailed information on downloading and submitting a completed registration form is available on our CFA Registration Form page , or you may request assistance from our website administrator.)
  2. Pay annual $15 dues online or by check made out to "CFA" mailed to our Secretary/Treasurer (address is on the membership form).
Those who are friends or have an interest in the Cloptons are also welcome to join the CFA:
  1. Just submit a CFA Registration Form with your information on Generation 1 and state "Friend of the Cloptons" on the second generation.
  2. Pay dues as described above.

If you have problems with this process, detailed directions for downloading, completing, and submitting your CFA Registration Form can be found here.  You may also contact our website administrator for assistance.

  1. CFA membership is open to descendants of the Clopton family with any surname, their friends, and others with an interest in this historic family.  Submitting a registration form does not convey membership until dues are paid.
  2. The Clopton Family Newsletter, a family publication of the Clopton Family Association, is mandated to present all views and opinions as available and as space permits.  We strive to present information as submitted so that all sides of issues may air their sentiments “in their own words.”  We reserve the right to edit for space. This publication does not support any one viewpoint or opinion; it simply presents information submitted.   Please notify our newsletter editor of any errors.
  3. The CFA website provides general information only.  While we make every effort to check our facts, mistakes may occur.  The CFA cannot be held liable for any special, direct, indirect or consequential damages.  It is your responsibility to verify the accuracy of any information contained on our website or sent via email.  Please notify our website administrator of any concerns you may have so they can be promptly addressed.
  4. Your private information will not be sold to third-parties, but it may be made available to other CFA members through directories or for purposes such as reunions and general communication.

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Membership includes one primary adult, their spouse/partner,  and all children under 18 in the same household