Pay your annual CFA membership dues here with your PayPal account or make out a check to "CFA" and mail it and your contact information to: CFA, P.O. Box 1030, Stamford, TX 79553.

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* To pay for more than 1 year today, just increase the quantity ordered.  

* To pay for more than one family in this order, enter each membership separately adding unique information in the Family Status box.

Membership includes one primary member, their spouse/partner, and all children under 18 in the same household.

Instructions for payment:  

  1. The primary member's name and email address are required.  The names of spouse/partner and children are requested for reunion planning and genealogical purposes.
  2. Select how you would prefer to receive your newsletter.  
    • Digital newsletters are delivered by email; they feature full-color text and images and active hyperlinks.  
    • Printed newsletters are delivered by USPS mail; they are printed in black ink and contain grayscale images.
  3. Click "Buy Now."  This will place your order in the shopping cart.  
  4. To add more memberships for family over 18 or for friends, follow Step 1, entering the appropriate names in the space provided, and click "Buy Now" to place that order in the shopping cart.
  5. When all orders are entered, from the shopping cart, click "Make An Order."
  6. You will be prompted to complete your order with name, contact and PayPal information on the following page.

Make your Clopton Family experience even more meaningful by encouraging other family members to join, or consider gifting to them a membership in the CFA.

It is requested that if you do not already have a CFA Registration Form on file with our organization, please:

  1. Click on the link above to open; then, download the form.
  2. Fill it out as completely as possible.  
  3. Save it to your computer with a unique name.
  4. Return the completed form: