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2019 Long Melford Business Map

  • As of January 2020, the following hotels and B&B’s have rooms available for rent during the 2020 Clopton Family Reunion in Long Melford.  Breakfast is included in the rate. 
  • When making a reservation, ask if there is a Clopton Family Association rate.  Rooms should be reserved from Monday, 29 June, through Sunday, 5 July (check-out day). 
  • Headquarters for the reunion will be The Bull Hotel, and this is where we will meet the bus on three of the mornings.  On the other three mornings, we will meet either at The Bull Hotel or Holy Trinity Church. 
  • Attendees are responsible for transportation from chosen lodging to The Bull Hotel or to Holy Trinity Church each day.  Most of the listings below are within walking distance of both of these locations.
  • The phone numbers for each hotel include the codes to dial from the US to reach England.
  • Links to the itineraries for the 2020 Reunion and the 2020 Post-reunion Tour are provided.

THE BULL HOTEL, Hall St., Long Melford, CO10 9JG                                                         25 rooms

(Provisionally block-booked for the reunion, but attendees must make their own reservations.)

Phone:         011-44-1787-378494



THE GEORGE & DRAGON, Hall St., Long Melford, CO10 9JA                                            14 rooms

Phone:         011-44-1787-371285



THE BLACK LION, The Green, Long Melford, CO10 9DN                                                    10 rooms

Phone:         011-44-1787-312356



THE MILL B & B, Hall Mill House, Hall St., Long Melford, CO10 9DY                                               

Phone:         011-44-1787-378035


Website:      The Garden Room and The Melford Room                                                        2 rooms


Website:      Stone Cottage                                                               2 bedrooms, living area, parking


THE LONG MELFORD SWAN B&B, Hall St.,Long Melford, CO10 9JQ                                3 rooms

(At this location, please email and reference “Clopton Family Assn” when booking.)              

Phone:         011-44-1787-468653



DENMARK HOUSE B&B, Hall St., Long Melford, CO10 9JD                                                 2 rooms

Phone:         011-44-7913-282167  




Website:       Book Through Trip Advisor                                        2 bedrooms, living area, parking

          The links below are provided for convenience only.  Most listings found through AIRbnb and VRBO are NOT in Long Melford, and thus, are not within walking distance of The Bull Hotel or Holy Trinity Church even if the address is Long Melford.  Breakfast will usually not be included, as well.

          If you decide to look for a rental through AIRbnb, VRBO, or similar websites, be sure to ask the distance to The Bull Hotel because, once again, transportation from the chosen place of lodging to The Bull Hotel or Holy Trinity Church each day to begin our day and back to lodging after the conclusion of daily activities is the attendees’ responsibility.