The Clopton Family Association

“When our hearts turn to our ancestors, something changes inside us. . . We feel part of something greater than ourselves.” - Russell M. Nelson

est. 1984

Are you a Descendant of William and Ann (Booth) Clopton of York County, Virginia

or a friend or member of an allied family with an interest in our shared history?

Join the CFA today to explore our extraordinary heritage and enjoy exciting national and international reunions.

Join us at the 40th Anniversary 2024 REUNION IN LONG MELFORD, ENGLAND. Information will be shared when it's available.

The Clopton Family Association More than related - We're family. - COME JOIN US -

More than related ... we're family. - COME JOIN US -

The Clopton Family Association is an organization established in 1984 through the efforts of the late Gene Carlton Clopton.  Our bylaws were adopted in 1998, and through the years, we have grown into a dynamic group contributing our diverse talents to fulfill an exciting mission.

Our three primary missions:
  1. To act as a conduit through which Clopton and related family bonds are maintained and strengthened
  2. To promote preservation of historic sites important to Clopton family heritage
  3. To promote genealogical research into our shared heritage

To accomplish our missions:
  • At our reunions, we have fun while truly celebrating our heritage, raising funds for scholarships and to support historic sites important in the lives of our ancestors, and sharing meaningful information about our family history.  
  • We donate to three historic churches that played key roles in Clopton history:  St. Peter’s Parish Church in New Kent County, Virginia; Holy Trinity Church in Long Melford, England (through The Friends of Long Melford Church Building Trust); and the Church of St. Bartholomew in Groton, Suffolk, England.
  • We encourage our members to continue researching their family lines and share this information through our newsletter.  
  • We provide this website with information about our heritage and past and future events.
  • We maintain the friendships established and strengthened during our wonderful reunions on our Facebook page where members are encouraged to post photos, information and comments about our English and American heritage.  We share photos on the CFA Shutterfly account, as well.
Membership is open to any Clopton descendant, of any surname, their friends, and others with an interest in the family; this includes the descendants of William Clopton, 17th Century immigrant to Colonial America, and his wife Ann (Booth) Dennett Clopton.  Explore and help us update our U.S. Lines ... and  U.K. Lines.

We have hundreds of satisfied members who continue to maintain their affiliation with the CFA.  It's simple to join, just pay annual dues online or mail in your check (mailing address is on the lineage form) to begin receiving your newsletter and to be eligible to attend our exciting reunions.  To help us determine how you fit into the Clopton family tree, we also request that you download and fill out a CFA Registration Form then upload it through our website, email it to, or mail it to our Secretary/Treasurer (address is on the form).

Speaking of reunions ... because our members are as adventurous as our Clopton ancestors who spread westward as the United States expanded, we gather every two years at a different site in the U.S. (see past reunions) and every six years we travel to Suffolk, England where we visit Long Melford, Lavenhem, Holy Trinity Church, Kentwell Hall (home of our Cloptons for over 200 years), the Village of Hadleigh (whose mayor still pays the oldest rent in England to one of our ancestors), and other sites with ancient Clopton family connections for a week of fun and exploration.  We're going back; won't you join us?  Check out CFA Events for updates, and contact our CFA Vice-President at for more information.
  •  09/08/2022 12:30 PM

A bit after 12 noon CST on Sep. 8, Her Majesty The Queen, Elizabeth II of England, Scotland, and the United Kingdom stepped into Eternity.

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  •  08/31/2022 01:37 PM

Brigadier John R RIgby, a friend to many in the CFA, passed peacefully on Aug 31, 2022.

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  •  07/05/2022 04:33 PM

Join Hannah Spencer as she shares her favourite sites - 8 of the prettiest villages - in Suffolk County.

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  •  06/27/2021 04:30 AM

The ‘one red rose rental’ - paid annually by the village of Hadleigh to the Clopton family - is alive and well, with Hadleigh’s Mayor offering not only the Rose due to and placed upon the effigy of our ancestor but a meaningful sentiment, as well.

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